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Automatically Assign Work
by Maintenance Plan

 Optional Feature

Maintenance Plan table offers the ability to have a user-editable lookup table in Sockeye to associate Maintenance Plans to specific Employees. When Sockeye sees a Work order with a particular Maintenance Plan it can use the lookup table to find the employee and schedule these details automatically.

 Screen Shot, Setup Maint. Plans
In many cases the same resource will be attached to multiple Maintenance Plans; Importing from Excel or Exporting back to excel will allow employee codes to be updated quickly. 


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Weekly Schedule




Tips-and-TricksTips & Tricks

  • Using the Maintenance Plan feature, configure the 'Plan' field to display within the Weekly and Daily Schedule. This can be found under Setup > Schedule Fields or check out this video link!
  • When utilizing 'Import from Excel' this will replace all current Maintenance Plan details.
  • Maintenance Plans table includes RED font under the employee fields if they are no longer active in the Sockeye Employee table.



Reach out to a Sockeye Representative
email: support@getsockeye.com 


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