How it Works

Creating work order schedules has never been easy.
Until now. 

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Step 1

Seamlessly integrate into your existing systems

Sockeye connects to your existing CMMS and HR systems so you can access everything you need to build your schedules. You can even do a trial run with an Excel-based integration to make sure our software is exactly what you need.


Step 2

Evaluate crew and contractor availability

Effortlessly assess crew and contractor availability for the upcoming week. The available hours tab displays employee availability based on your shift patterns and planned absences. Editing is a breeze. Changes are tracked and data is automatically updated in your CMMS for real-time insights.


Step 3

Create the schedule in just a few clicks

Craft your schedule effortlessly in just a few clicks. The backlog displays work orders from your CMMS and allows you to filter and search according to your criteria.

Sockeye’s automation builds daily/weekly schedules that maximize productivity. It even helps identify opportunities to reduce overtime.


Step 4

Get everyone on the same page

After finalizing the schedule, you can share it with your employees. Because it’s cloud-based software, planners, schedulers, supers, techs, operations personnel, and managers can get customized access. This ensures that everyone can access the information they need, whenever they need it.


Step 5

Track KPIs

Sockeye tracks every keystroke to ensure that all data is verifiable, up to date and easily reported on. SMRP reports are automatically created, easily sharable and customized to your criteria. Easily identify work orders that contributed to individual KPIs with our split pane view.

Sockeye uses 2 primary types of integration:

1. API-Based Integration
Sockeye uses API-based integration to adapt to every enterprise’s unique needs providing customized read/write configurations with your CMMS and/or HR systems.

2. File Based Integration
Sockeye uses an Excel template to port data between the CMMS and Sockeye.

Learn More

Yes, Sockeye can be set up for a one-month trial using our file-based integration, giving you the full suite of Sockeye functionality. Simply share an Excel file of your schedule and join a 1-hour training session.

Sockeye is a month-to-month subscription with no penalty cancellation. 

Each subscription price includes training, hosting, and updates. 

Price is determined based on:
– Type of integration
– Number of locations
– Number of active users

Yes, Sockeye can be integrated with your CMMS to reflect changes made in either system.

Yes, user permissions are determined by you.

Yes, Sockeye is used and supported on every continent by former planners/schedulers who understand the problems you face.

Yes, Sockeye is internationalized and is ready to deploy at any location.

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