Weekly Schedule

Generates a Weekly Schedule at the Craft level

Weekly Schedule tab gives the ability to generate a weekly schedule, view pending work order and designate certain days of the week for their completion. In this tab, the user can also see the number of Available Hrs. used in order to track productivity.

The primary goal at the weekly level is to assign work at a craft level.

User Guides



Import Work Orders

Scheduling Work Orders

Updating or Adjusting Weekly Schedule

Task Details


Crew Utilization

Schedule Compliance

Optional Features


  • Excel Import Error –
    1. The spreadsheet must be a .xls or .xlsx file.
    2. Single tab, all data details need to be in one tab.
    3. Missing fields.
  • Work order not available to schedule
    1. Backlog Criteria – Work was filtered out due to requirements.
    2. Find Task – Work may be scheduled under a different team.

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