Why Sockeye

Most maintenance scheduling software is clunky and time-consuming.
Sockeye is a scheduler that is easy to implement, simple to use, and embraced by user communities.

1-Hour Training

Create optimal schedules in minimal time

You don’t need to be computer savvy or sit through hours of training to build world-class daily/weekly schedules. Cut your scheduling time in half so you can focus on more impactful work.


Reliable Daily/Weekly Scheduling

Automation matches available labor to ready-to-schedule work orders, filling each technician to your desired capacity, building daily/weekly schedules that maximize productivity.


Easy to Adapt

Easily adapt, modify, share and track with minimal clicks.


Easy to Use

1-hour training. 98% User Adoption Rate.
Sockeye is built to be intuitive.


Connect to the software systems you already use.

Sockeye fits into your already existing workflow by integrating with your CMMS and workforce management software. No more guessing about who is available and what needs to get done.


CMMS Integration

Full Integration with your CMMS ensures that all data is updated as changes are made in Sockeye and your CMMS.


Labor Availability

Full integration with CMMS(s)/HR systems provides the latest data on your technicians and contractor availability.


Custom Configuration

Sockeye is built to adapt to your facility’s unique scheduling process and IT requirements.


Get everyone working together for success.

Track progress and manage resources effectively with clear visibility of the latest schedule.


Easy Schedule Visualization

Easily see, search, filter and edit the always-live, always up-to-date schedule and crew and contractor availability.


Check Work Order Status

Easily view what work was completed, what was delayed and why, what work is being done and what work is coming up.


KPI Reporting

Easily track and build SMRP and custom KPI reports and integrate with business intelligence software to continually improve.

And so much more…

Delay Tracking

Track why work was delayed, identify trends and eliminate waste using Sockeye’s drop-down menu displaying frequent reasons for delayed work (parts missing, asset unavailable, weather, etc.).


Flag tasks needing attention, showing a red circle if scheduled craft, hours, date, or resources don’t match requirements. It’s a warning to spot potential issues.

Automatically Assign Work by Maintenance Plan

Pair the Maintenance Plans with Employees. When Sockeye detects a Work Order with a matching Maintenance Plan, it automatically schedules the appropriate employee.

Single Sign-On

Sockeye offers a Single Sign-On (SSO) feature that allows user(s) to log into multiple applications and
websites with one set of credentials.

Test Environment

Sockeye offers a separate environment to match your CMMS sandbox to ensure quality by testing the functionality and changes that may take place prior to updating details within the production environment.

Business Intelligence Integration

Leverage scheduling data, employee availability and KPIs with Sockeye’s business intelligence integration (including Microsoft Power BI).

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