Daily Schedule

 View the schedule at the day and employee level

The Daily Schedule tab provides the ability to create or update daily schedules by assigning work orders to specific trades personal. Work orders or tasks that have been scheduled in the Weekly Schedules Tab will appear for the specific day selected or work orders can be assigned directly through this tab.

Details of the daily schedule are to assign specific work orders to a tradesperson and offer the same simple functionality as the weekly schedule tab. This allows Sockeye Users to make changes and or updates through out the day.

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Employee Utilization

Schedule Changes

Import Work Orders

Scheduling Work Orders

Remove a Work Order

Crew Utilization

Task Details

Schedule Compliance

Optional Features


  • Excel Import Error:
    1. The spreadsheet must be a .xls or .xlsx file.
    2. Single tab, all data details need to be in one tab.
    3. Missing fields.
  • Work order not available to schedule
    1. Backlog Criteria – Work was filtered out due to requirements
    2. Find Task – Work may be scheduled under a different team.
  • Add or update resources is not available to schedule.

Tips and Tricks

  • Drop and Drag.
  • Update resources for that day to identify what work needs to be reassigned.
  • Click on any field under the backlog section and they will sort in numerical or alphabetical order.
  • Utilize the filters on the left hand side of the screen this will help with large backlogs.
  • Use ‘Group By‘ filter to identify Committed vs. Reactive work.

Contact Support

Reach out to a Sockeye Representative
email: support@getsockeye.com