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Create, track, & share work order schedules with Sockeye’s intuitive CMMS bolt-on.

Complicated scheduling kills productivity.

Are you tired of moving information between your CMMS and spreadsheets, losing data along the way? Do you feel like you spend more time putting out fires than planning ahead?

It’s time to change all that with a work order scheduling tool built for your CMMS.

Join Global Reliability Leaders

We created a scheduler that is so simple & effective, 98% of users stick with it.


Create daily/weekly schedules in minimal time

You don’t need to be a tech expert or sit through days of training to build world-class daily/weekly schedules. Sockeye’s simplicity and automation free up time spent managing your schedule and CMMS, building daily/weekly schedules that maximize preventive maintenance.


Connect to the software systems you already use

Sockeye fits into your existing workflow by integrating with your CMMS and workforce management software. No more guessing about who is available and what needs to get done. 

Seamless integration gives you confidence that you are always looking at the latest data.


Get everyone working together

View the latest updates to your schedule in one place. Easily search, filter, and update the schedule while providing the entire facility with a live, verified, visible schedule.

Now you have everyone on the same page.

What People Are Saying

  • “Sockeye supports our own scheduling process perfectly. It shows the available work. It shows the available labor. It’s just a matter of clicking & dropping. It’s fantastic.”

    Cade, Assistant Vice President of
    Maintenance and Reliability

  • “Great software, great service. I appreciate the ability to pull the workers schedules and the work orders from SAP. Also the quick easy KPI reporting at the weekly level and for date ranges makes my job of reporting simple.”

    Todd S., Maintenance Systems Coordinator

  • “Helps with data manipulation, shortens the amount of hand coding do make a schedule, and pushes the changes into SAP.
    The ease of porting changes of the data into SAP. I do maintenance planning, so having to code in all required changes to schedule work, has been eliminated through Sockeye.”

    Greg, Maintenance Planner 

  • “It is much simpler to enter the hours for the week than the system we had before. All I have to do is select the week and enter everyone’s hours and we are good to go for scheduling.”

    Julien, Maintenance Planner 

Make Scheduling Simple

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We start with a call from one of our product specialists to understand your specific needs. We then run a customized demo with your entire team so you can see how Sockeye makes scheduling easy.

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Test drive Sockeye using a file-based integration (Excel). This requires no investment or IT resources and just a few hours from the scheduler. Verify that Sockeye is right for you before you go all in.

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Get the Most out of Your Team

No more disjointed scheduling, missing data, & flying blind. Consistently build daily/weekly schedules, check the latest status, and maximize preventive maintenance by maximizing productivity.

Escaping Excel Scheduling

“Simple, efficient, & effective at getting the right work scheduled at the right time & with the right employees”

Sockeye seamlessly integrated into Cargill’s workflow, filling the scheduling gap left by SAP migration and Excel scheduling.

Scheduling shouldn’t be so complicated

We understand how hard it is to schedule maintenance work right now. There are so many moving pieces that make it difficult to schedule work without a lot of mistakes. You don’t need more software with a long list of unnecessary functionality; you need software that is easy to use and can effectively maximize your productivity. 

For 10 years, we have dedicated ourselves to creating the best maintenance scheduler on the market. A scheduling software made by schedulers for schedulers.

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