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Function VS Feature

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication 

We understand how hard it is to schedule maintenance work right now. There are so many moving pieces that make it difficult to schedule work without a lot of mistakes. You don’t need more software with a long list of features; you need intuitive software that will effectively maximize your workforce.

Industry Leading 98% User Adoption

Our Story

Sockeye’s founders, with years of tech experience in different plants, saw a problem: hard-to-use scheduling software caused low user adoption and wiped out the potential value of the tools. Existing technologies focused on lengthy lists of features rather than user adoption.

Seeing an opportunity to improve uptime, the founders worked closely with ground floor maintenance teams and the reliability leaders supporting them to understand their challenges and goals. 

From this, they created Sockeye, a tool specifically designed for maintenance scheduling. One that is easy to implement, intuitive, and embraced across the enterprise. A scheduler that is so simple & effective, 98% of people stick with it.

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