Sockeye Maintenance Scheduler

Powering effective maintenance scheduling.

Simple to use and with exceptional out-of-the-box fit and function, Sockeye drives effective maintenance scheduling to support optimal reliability and uptime. Sockeye fits the work order scheduling process perfectly and delivers real-time KPIs to track reliability excellence.


Give stakeholders visibility and control.

Sockeye unlocks effective maintenance by empowering schedulers, planners, supervisors, management, and operations to centrally manage work orders scheduling and labor utilization online with real-time KPIs.

  • Access Sockeye with role-based login from any device
  • Coordinate shared resources among supervisors
  • Communicate plans and schedules facility-wide
  • Foster consistency with real-time KPIs

With Sockeye, maintenance scheduling best practices can be applied consistently by stakeholders to support optimal reliability and operational excellence.

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Bring work and labor on the same page.

Sockeye automatically retrieves current work orders and labor availability information needed to schedule maintenance automatically from the CMMS and crew scheduling system – saving planners time in preparing schedules.

  • Access current work orders from any CMMS/EAM
  • Sync labor data with Crew Scheduling Connector
  • Review backlog by filtering on priority
  • View ledger of available hours by crew and skill

Spreadsheets are error-prone and time consuming. Sockeye typically eliminates up to 90% of the data input work upfront.

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Build weekly schedules in 75% less time.

Sockeye provides an elegant approach for optimizing weekly schedules. As work orders are scheduled, available labor is automatically assigned based on trade or craft.

  • Prioritize backlog by filtering on criticality
  • Drag-and-drop work orders to weekly schedules
  • Automate labor resource leveling
  • Commit and post weekly schedules to track compliance

Sockeye fits the maintenance scheduling process perfectly. It is so easy to use, scheduling time is 4 times faster so users can plan more work and reduce the backlog.

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My plant achieved a best-in-class grade for maintenance efficacy in a recent audit. With Sockeye, we’ve really made a huge improvement in our workforce utilization, by being able to easily schedule the right technician, to the right task, at the right time."

Jered Butz, Maintenance Planner/Scheduler
Vegetable Seeds, BASF 


Boost utilization with daily scheduling.

Crew leaders can make daily schedule adjustments instantly based on changes in resources or emergent work. Sockeye looks natural to supervisors familiar with spreadsheets, making it easy to use on day one to optimize crew utilization. 

  • Alert supervisors of unplanned labor shortages
  • Re-assign work based on individual competencies
  • Dispatch work orders to crew on paper or digitally
  • Centrally track work completed by team and craft

Sockeye presents data intelligently to cue the right shop floor behaviors. Color codes alert supervisors to overtime and under-utilization for opportunities to improve crew deployment.

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Streamline time capture.

You can use the schedules created in Sockeye to prime your time capture processes. Whether you use paper cards or a time and attendance solution, Sockeye can eliminate redundancy by exposing schedules for timecards and capturing work done.

  • Export or print employee schedules from Sockeye
  • Prime employee timecards with scheduled work orders
  • Leverage existing schedules to improve time capture

Because it’s easy, employees are much more likely to record their efforts in timely fashion – improving time capture.

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Inject rigor into your KPIs.

Sockeye features best practice KPIs recommended by the Society of Maintenance Reliability Professionals (SMRP). While spreadsheets can be changed retroactively, Sockeye stores an original copy of weekly plans to reliably compute compliance.

  • Access real-time KPIs securely from any device
  • Trust your schedule compliance metrics
  • Track reactive, proactive, planned, and unplanned work
  • Review preventive, corrective, condition-based metrics

You can track maintenance efficacy in real-time using the Sockeye dashboard. Robust KPIs help you can achieve world-class maintenance for a highly reliable facility.

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The technical conversion was a piece of cake. Sockeye enabled the processes that already existed within our plants. It's easy to use. It's very intuitive. People picked it up very quickly. They’ve taken off with it leaps and bounds."

Cade Schoonover, Assistant VP, Maintenance and Reliability, Cargill Protein Group