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Getting Started in Sockeye

 Sockeye Introduction

Overview of how to access Sockeye, change passwords, navigate and utilize filters within Sockeye.   Sockeye Navigation Tabs

  • Sockeye – Removes the filter pane and allows access to the filter as a pop up when clicking on ‘Sockeye’.
  • Available Hours – Generates the total hours by craft and resources to effectively assign work to available resources.
  • Weekly Schedules – Views and create weekly schedules at the craft level.
  • Daily Schedules – Views and assign work orders to available resources to a specific day.
  • Find Task – Completes a search on specific work orders to identify if it has been scheduled in the past or future.
  • Setup – Core details of Sockeye’s setup for scheduling purposes.
  • More – Access to KPI’s, printing, exporting and hiding filters.
  • User Name – Sockeye user settings.




Access Sockeye through Chrome or Microsoft Edge - https://app.getsockeye.com 


Sockeye Introduction







  • Not able to access multiple assigned accounts
    • Under the User Role 'Areas' field must be BLANK in order for a user to toggle multiple accounts.


Reach out to a Sockeye Representative
email: support@getsockeye.com 


The team at Sockeye continues to grow based on our customers requests. As we try to meet these requests we are updating documents with the latest date and revision for reference.