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Getting Started in Sockeye

 Sockeye Introduction

Overview of how to access Sockeye, change passwords, navigate and utilize filters within Sockeye.   Sockeye Navigation Tabs

  • Sockeye – Removes the filter pane and allows access to the filter as a pop up when clicking on ‘Sockeye’.
  • Available Hours – Generates the total hours by craft and resources to effectively assign work to available resources.
  • Weekly Schedules – Views and create weekly schedules at the craft level.
  • Daily Schedules – Views and assign work orders to available resources to a specific day.
  • Find Task – Completes a search on specific work orders to identify if it has been scheduled in the past or future.
  • Setup – Core details of Sockeye’s setup for scheduling purposes.
  • More – Access to KPI’s, printing, exporting and hiding filters.
  • Username – Sockeye user settings.




Access Sockeye through Chrome or Microsoft Edge - https://app.getsockeye.com 


Sockeye Introduction







  • Click on the eye icon to view password field.
  • Not able to access multiple assigned accounts.
    • Under the User Role 'Areas' field must be BLANK in order for a user to toggle multiple accounts.


Reach out to a Sockeye Representative
email: support@getsockeye.com 


As Sockeye continues to grow we are updating documents with the latest date and revision for reference.