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Custom KPI Development

Optional Feature

Monitoring KPIs is an essential part of maintenance, and while Sockeye provides several out of the box scheduling KPIs, organizations may want to included KPIs in their metrics that are specifically tailored.

Sockeye can develop other KPIs based on details such as:

  • Understanding the metric formula
  • Ensuring we have access to the field(s)
  • Defining the metric

Reach out to support@getsockeye.com for details and quote.

Below are some KPI requests:

Corrective Maintenance (Orders): Percentage of work orders used to restore equipment to a functional state during or after a failure.
Formula: Total number of completed Corrective Maintenance ÷ Total number of scheduled PM work orders × 100

Completed Versus Closed (Orders): Shows the number of completed or closed work orders.
Formula: WOs in status of completion ÷ WOs Completed × 100

Delayed Work (Orders): Percentage of tasks not completed due to a delay.
Formula: Number of delayed work orders ÷ Total number of work orders committed to the schedule × 100

Labor Efficiency (Hours): Measures the utilization, performance, and quality of the workforce.
Formula: Total number of estimated for complete WOs ÷ Total number of actual hours for complete WOs × 100

Planning Accuracy (Hours): Difference between the actual value and the estimated hours for the given period.
Formula: WOs completed within +/- 25% of estimated hours ÷ WOs Completed × 100

Preventive Maintenance (Orders): Completed preventive maintenance (PM) work orders
Formula: Total number of completed PMs ÷ Total number of scheduled PM work orders × 100

Preventive Maintenance Schedule Compliance (Hours): Hours of preventive maintenance tasks completed for the given week.
Formula: Total number of committed PM WO hours Completed ÷ Total number of hours for committed PM WOs × 100

Reactive Work (Orders): Maintenance work order(s) that break into the weekly schedule.
Formula: Orders not on weekly schedule ÷ Total Orders × 100 Emergency Work

**** Note: formulas, fields, and definitions vary from customer setup requests and will require development time.


Reach out to a Sockeye Representative
email: support@getsockeye.com 


The team at Sockeye continues to grow based on our customers requests. As we try to meet these requests we are updating documents with the latest date and revision for reference.