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Key Performance Indicators

Out of the box metrics

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are performance measurements that help evaluate maintenance success. By monitoring metrics teams can make applicable adjustments to improve results.

Sockeye's KPIs provide an automated approach in tracking maintenance schedules. These KPIs reference the Society of Maintenance Reliability Professionals (SMRP) standards.


The following are the current out of box KPI's available:





Schedule Compliance Hours

Measure of adherence to the maintenance schedule as a percent of total time available to schedule.

Weekly Scheduled Hrs. Performed / Total Hrs. X 100

Schedule Compliance Work Orders

Measure of adherence to the work schedule expressed as a percent of total number of scheduled work orders

Number of work orders performed as scheduled / Total number of scheduled work orders X 100

Available Hours Used

The percentage of available maintenance hours scheduled during a week.

Total Hours Scheduled / Total Hours Available to Schedule (hrs.) X 100

Reactive Work

Maintenance work that breaks into the weekly schedule

Break-in Hrs. / Total Available Hrs. X  100 

Preventive Maintenance Hrs.

Scheduled hours worked on preventive work orders

Preventive Hrs. / Total Hrs. X 100

Corrective Maintenance Hrs.

Scheduled hours worked on corrective work orders

Corrective Hrs. / Total Hrs. X 100

Condition-based Maintenance Hrs.

Scheduled hours worked on condition-based work orders

Condition-based Hrs. / Total Hrs. X 100

Other Maintenance Hrs.

All other hours that are not captured within preventive, corrective, condition-based, proactive, continuous-improvement, standing, and emergency work.

Other Hrs. / Total Hrs. X 100

Planned Work

Scheduled hours on planned work orders

Planned Hrs. / Total Hrs. X 100

Unplanned Work

Total hours minus planned hours

Unplanned Hrs. / Total Hrs. X 100

Proactive Work

Preventive and predictive hours plus corrective hours identified from preventive and predictive work orders

Proactive Hrs. / Total Hrs. X 100

Standing Work Orders

Scheduled hours on standing work orders

Hrs. worked on standing work orders / Total Hrs. X 100

Continuous Improvement Hrs.

Scheduled hours on continuous improvement work orders

Continuous Improvement Hrs. / Total Hrs. X 100

Emergency Work Hrs.

Percentage of maintenance employee labor hours used on emergency work.

Emergency Work Hrs. / Total Hrs. X 100

Schedule Committed Hrs.

Percentage of work committed to the schedule.

Hrs. Committed to Weekly Schedule / Total Available Resource Hrs. X 100



Sockeye Available KPIs

Weekly Schedule - Schedule Compliance


Setup - Metric Criteria

Setup - KPI Ranges


More - KPI Summary & Export



More - How to access, print, and or export KPI's

Weekly Schedule - Schedule compliance details




Close Weekly Schedule - Manually update to manage and update specific fields in Sockeye for customized KPI calculations for a team.

Custom KPI - Generate specific scheduling KPIs that meet business requirements.

Extend Schedule Compliance Dates - Sockeye can add a specified day and time after the current week to allow some follow up and work order completions that may need to be adjusted after the specific week. 

Email Weekly KPIs Automatically - A summary and detail list of the previous weeks KPI's can be emailed out on a specific day and time each week. Review the most recent KPI's anywhere quickly. 

Link to Dashboard and or Microsoft Power BI - Providing an endpoint ta access KPIs to a specified dashboard requested by the customer.

Schedule Compliance Automated - Setup Sockeye to  automatically check the Schedule Compliance Box by refreshing the backlog and any work orders that has an updated status for that specific scheduling week.

Tips-and-TricksTIPS AND TRICKS

Group By Schedule Compliance - Quickly highlights the work that was identified as reactive work throughout the week. 

Sockeye only updates KPIs for that specific week -  Any work orders completed after the specified day will not update the schedule compliance column or KPI.



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