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Update Incomplete Work Orders in CMMS

 Optional Integration Feature

Update Incomplete Work Order(s) in a CMMS from the previous weeks schedule within Sockeye, allows  schedulers to quickly track work orders or tasks that were not completed and update specific fields such as status and dates to reevaluate or reschedule in future weeks.



When designing the write integration Sockeye would review:

  • Current write integration setup and options.
  • Fields triggering and data details to be updated.
  • Common scenarios and or examples that would trigger changes.
  • Timings such as the day of the week and time as a cut-off for KPI purposes.

A break down of scenario's and triggers will be generated based on the details provided and reviewed by the team.

Once the scenario's have been approved Sockeye will begin developing the sequences based on the scenario's agreed to in a testing environment for review and eventually moved to production.


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Reach out to a Sockeye Representative
email: support@getsockeye.com 


The team at Sockeye continues to grow based on our customers requests. As we try to meet these requests we are updating documents with the latest date and revision for reference.