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Test Environment

 Optional Integration Feature

Sockeye offers a Test Environment to ensure quality by testing the functionality and changes that may take place prior to updating details within the production environment. This provides the opportunity to compare actual and expected results in order to improve quality.


The test environment can be a great training sandbox when introducing the program to the team.


Test Site Implementation

Sockeye will work with the business on the setup and implementation of the test site. Documentation based on the data and details that may be required to generate the account will be provided.

  • Provides a separate Sockeye Account and user details
  • Can be integrated to CMMS Sandbox or test site similar to production setups.
  • Complete regular software updates.
  • Update or copy data from production over to test sites when applicable or requested.



Added-FeaturesReach out to your representative to learn more.




Reach out to a Sockeye Representative
email: support@getsockeye.com 


The team at Sockeye continues to grow based on our customers requests. As we try to meet these requests we are updating documents with the latest date and revision for reference.