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Close Weekly Schedule

KPI Optional Feature

Close Weekly Schedule function manually manages actual hours and completion status for customized KPI calculations for a specific team.

Suggested Workflow:

  1. CMMS - Update actual hours and task statuses for the scheduling week ended.
  2. Sockeye - Select the team and week that just ended and click the backlog refresh button to update fields with the latest updates from the CMMS.
  3. Sockeye - Select 'Close Weekly Schedule'. Creates a snapshot of that weeks actual hours and statuses to update KPI's.
  4. Sockeye - View KPI's.

In addition, Sockeye can set up a schedule to close the previous week's schedules automatically at a specified time.

Added-FeaturesReach out to support@getsockeye.com for details.




Close Weekly Schedule    



Tips-and-TricksTIPS & TRICKS:

  • Sockeye only updates these work orders for that specific week. Any work orders completed a month later will not update the schedule compliance column or KPI within Sockeye for that selected week.


Reach out to a Sockeye Representative
email: support@getsockeye.com 


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