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Maintenance excellence starts with simplicity. At Sockeye, we're committed to delivering elegant solutions for effective maintenance scheduling to support optimal reliability, uptime, & operational excellence.

Experts in Maintenance Scheduling.

Sockeye wants to make life a little easier for the people we all rely on to keep our industrial capacity & public infrastructure humming along smoothly.

Sockeye’s solutions are tailored to solve one specific challenge in a way that’s easy to start, simple to use & practical to scale.  Our Enterprise partners win the agility to respond to emergent opportunities with new technology.   

Whether you're in a leadership role looking for visibility across the Enterprise, a Maintenance Manager driving plant efficiencies or on the shop floor allocating resources & prioritizing work – Sockeye's distributed value proposition means everyone wins. 

What really made the difference was the outstanding support we received from the team at Sockeye. They have a thorough understanding of maintenance scheduling processes and industry best practices, which we relied on in our implementation. Sockeye has set the bar in terms of how we now expect all our vendors to support us."

Jered Butz, Maintenance Planner/Scheduler
Vegetable Seeds, BASF