The new and efficient way to create your weekly work order schedule, dispatch to employees and compute reliable, scheduling compliance KPI's. 

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CMMS Integration

Sockeye's sophisticated bolt-on connector reads and updates your CMMS backlog and eliminates 90% of the data work upfront. Unlike Excel, it compliments your CMMS, keeping everything in sync.

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Sockeye is nimble and easy to implement. It's intuitive interface makes it simple for planners and schedulers to use it immediately - without heavy training.  

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Say goodbye to Excel with Sockeye's sophisticated, already setup, easy-to-read dashboards. Nothing like visibilty across the unit and the enterprise - for easy, apples to apples performance comparison that planners, schedulers, supervisors and everyone will love!

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KPI - Scheduling Compliance

Doc Palmer tells us filling a mechanic’s day means you improve utilization and reduce cost. And reliable data discourages building in unnecessary contingency. Supervisors see unplanned absence and break in work in real time and adjust accordingly. And because Sockeye is usable, your users will use it and together with its built-in tracking, your KPIs are reliable.

Doc Palmer, Doc Palmer & Associates

Charles Hamer


Founder & CEO

Charles has served in the tech sector for over 25 years. Prior to founding the company, Charles served as the President of Resonance Software Inc., a provider of sophisticated workforce management solutions.

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Stephen Bisanz


Founder & CTO

Stephen has over 25 years of experience covering virtually every aspect of software design & development, including product management, requirements, analysis, design, engineering, QA, usability, and support.

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Brad Willams



Over the last 15 years Brad has held, CEO, President, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer roles for companies. Brad has assisted in raising over $30 million in funds, lead the sales and diligence processes for several exits (including a $370M exit)

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Katie Sewell



With almost 15 years of Marketing expertise, Katie's understanding of the B2B markets is enormous, providing a high-level ability to understand a customer's journey and developing strategies to create the inbound revenue companies desire. 

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Christine Banham



With Christine's 15 years of Maintenance experience as a Scheduler, Planner and Consultant for the mining, oil and gas industries, her hands-on approach ensures client success.

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