Sockeye drives effective planned maintenance
scheduling to support optimal reliability and uptime.


In 2 minutes, learn why physical asset-intensive compaies rely on Sockeye to schedule more maintenane work and increase uptime.
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Expedite Scheduling

Schedulers save up to 75% scheduling time with Sockeye which automatically retrieves all the data needed. Schedules easily create a weekly work order schedule from the CMMS backlog and dispatch schedules to crafts and employees. Scheduling in Sockeye is 4 times faster than a CMMS. This frees up valuable time to plan and schedule more preventive maintenance.




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"Sockeye's greatest advantage is ease of scheduling. What used to take me up to five days of work can be now done with Sockeye in just under an hour.


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Boost Maintenance KPIs

Reliability leaders report that scheduled work is 3 times less costly and 5 times safer. Because Sockeye saves time for your schedules, more maintenance is scheduled and gets done. You will see fewer breakdowns, a safer workplace, and have KPIs to prove it. SMRP-recommended scheduling compliance and crew utilization KPIs are computed in real-time to monitor maintenance efficacy across facilities. 



"Sockeye eliminated the ambiguity associated with previous spreadsheets. We have a company-wide focus on reliability. Right now, that is our key metric. What's generated out of Sockeye is the bible."



Increase Uptime 

Industry experts say adherence improvements reduce maintenance costs by over $1 million annually per 75 technicians. How? By increasing wrench time, minimizing accidents, and reducing parts inventories. Operational and reliability prose who rely on Sockeye confirm a 10% increase in preventative work boosts uptime by 1.2 to 1.8%!



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"Sockeye's enterprise users report 12-20% improvement in scheduling adherence correlating almost exactly to the time Sockeye saves planners."


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 Supercharge Your ERP

Is there a functionality gap in your CMMS for maintenance scheduling? Sockeye is designed to extend your ERP/CMMS, Keeping data synced and current, whether you have 1 or 100 locations. The Sockeye front-end is entirely web-based and the back-end runs securely on Microsoft Azure. With no business rules to set-up, a plant is up and running within the week.



"Strictly from an IT perspective, implementation was quite simple. Deployment was a piece of cake, really." 


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