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James Kovacevic, MMP, CMRP, CAMA is Principal Consultant at Eruditio LLC serving maintenance and reliability professionals around the globe. His mission to make industry a profitable place, where manufacturers possess the resources, knowledge, and courage to sustainably lower their operating costs.

Scheduling work in SAP can be challenging at best, or most often is a poorly defined process that relies on Excel workarounds.  The problem with the Excel workarounds is that the data is not always in SAP, which leads to questions from operations around when work will be completed.  In addition, there is a mad scramble to get the schedule built.  Regardless, the Planner and the team end up stressed out, and the schedules aren’t as good as they should be.

If you are interested in overcoming the scheduling challenges with SAP, join us on this webinar.   We will discuss how to build a rolling schedule in SAP with the use of revision codes, how to level work within SAP, and how to use a simple scheduling tool to simplify and monitor the weekly schedule.   If you have these elements in place, you can dramatically reduce the time to build a weekly maintenance schedule, along with improving communication across your organization.  If you want to free up 4-8 hours per week scheduling in SAP, then this webinar is for you.


  • ID’ing the inputs required for proper scheduling.
  • Work-leveling in SAP.
  • How to build a high-level schedule in SAP using revision codes.
  • Using revision codes to create a 4 week rolling schedule.
  • Intro to an easy to use SAP extension you can connect yourself.
  • How to quickly build and monitor a weekly schedule.