On-Demand Webinar: The Five Levels of Maintenance Scheduling

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Many maintenance schedulers are still ill-equipped today to effectively schedule work orders to improve plant performance. Instead the work, and often not the most important work, is scheduled last minute for the person yelling the loudest. There’s a better way.

On October 3, 2018, Sockeye CEO and Founder Charles Hamer hosted a webinar featuring expert guest speaker James KovacevicPrincipal Instructor at Eruditio. All planners, schedulers, reliability professionals, and operations managers are invited to watch the on-demand recording.


James is a trainer, speaker, and consultant who specializes in bringing profitability, productivity, availability, and sustainability to manufacturers around the globe. He is MMP, CMRP, and CAMA certified, serving maintenance and reliability professionals around the globe. James is both highly qualified and eager to help. Through his career he has made it his personal mission to make industry a profitable place, where individuals and manufacturers possess the resources, knowledge, and courage to sustainably lower their operating costs.

Watch the on-demand webinar to hear James’ proven best practices!

James shared the 5 levels of scheduling that enable the full integration of operations and maintenance schedules. He explained why scheduling should start at the 52-week level and cascade into the 16, 4, and 1-week levels, finally ending with daily scheduling. He discussed why an effective scheduling process depends heavily upon a rigorous prioritization process … and how the prioritization criteria must be fully aligned with the business risks and agreed upon by the leadership team.

In order to effectively schedule maintenance work, there needs to be a systematic approach that not only takes into account the needs of the maintenance department, but that of the business. James recommends this fully integrated schedule to ensure that planned downtime is reduced, while maximizing the amount of work that can be completed.

Effective scheduling ensures the right maintenance is executed at the right time.

Learn how to take work order scheduling to the next level to optimize reliability and uptime – watch the on-demand webinar now!