Not Getting the Benefits You Expect From Maintenance Planning & Scheduling?

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Here are 9 reasons why you might not be seeing the benefits of Maintenance Planning & Scheduling.

  1. Wrong system tools for the job.
  2. Insufficient staff. 
  3. Insufficient skills. 
  4. Incorrect role definition.
  5. No procedures to follow or staff lacks the discipline to follow them. 
  6. Shops resist following the schedule and the job plans. 
  7. No metrics for reporting schedule compliance and attainment.
  8. No management support.
  9. No recognition of the financial impact of low productivity and poor customer service due to poor planning and scheduling. 

Steve Mueller of Daniel Penn & Associates highlights these culprits, including #1 – The Wrong System Tools for the Job.  Read his full article on Plant Engineering.

What Does the Wrong Scheduling Tool Cause in an Organization?

In many cases, CMMS scheduling tools are often mundane and tedious, not aligning with your business processes.  Organizations try to fit that tool (round peg – square hole mentality) by changing their business process, often re-routing data to excel spreadsheets to manage the day-to-day andKPI reporting. This then leads to frustration, inefficiencies, lack of insights or just the wrong and inaccurate metrics being produced. Not to mention the $$ flying out the window!


What Can The Right Maintenance Scheduling Tool Really Offer?

  1. Simple and friendly user interface – planners and schedulers will want to use it!
  2. Easy integration and cloud based – say bye-bye to all-in-one software and big costs!
  3. Real-time data, pulled into one place – no more cut and pasting work orders!
  4. Breathe in the visibility – Preventative, Proactive, Planned, Scheduled; it’s all there!
  5. Reliable KPI’s – plan knowing you have accurate KPI’s and no more spreadsheets!

All of these facts can lead to many efficiencies and most importantly, impact your bottom-line. And what we believe is most beneficial about Scheduling tools – they are built to focus on one thing – managing the Maintenance process. The good tools should not promise anything other than this, nor try to reinvent the wheel – but rather deliver what you need and that’s to be able to simply plan and schedule your maintenance activities.


Article: “Nine reasons your facilities maintenance planning and scheduling effort isn’t giving you the benefits you expect” – Written by Steve Mueller, Director of Operations for Daniel Penn Associates, LLC.  This article was originally published on Daniel Penn Associates Blog, Daniel Penn Associates, LLC is a CFE Media content partner. Edited by Joy Chang, digital project manager, CFE Media,