Added Features
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Hide Unavailable Resource Hours
Hides resources that are not available under the Daily schedule

How to hide and show Unavailable Hours

1. Click on 'Daily Schedules' in the blue ribbon

Currently the 'right-hand side ledger currently indicates all resources.

2. Click on 'MORE

3. Select 'Hide Absent Employees'

Adjust Backlog and Schedule Views
Allows users to adjust the backlog and schedule views under both Weekly and Daily schedules

How to guide to adjust views

Email KPI's Automatically F78AAD33-7085-4783-A515-2DC982875AF4
Send out system automated KPI's at a specific date and time each week to Manag
Email Example

Copy Work Order Numbers to a Clipboard 
Quickly allows all or specific work order numbers to be copied to other documentation for reporting, CMMS updates, etc.

How to guide for Copying Work Orders

Find Task
Assist in searching for work order and or specific tasks historically or in the future.

Sockeye Menu

How to guide for Find Task 



Helps identify which tasks may need attention. Displays a red circle when the scheduled craft, hours, date and or resources do not match.

How to guide for Alerts 

Delay Reason Code

Provides insight as to why work was not completed when scheduled.Delay Code

  1. Select from a pre-populated delay code for both Weekly and Daily Schedule tabs. 
  2. Codes can be added or updated within the setup menu.
  3. Delay code available for weekly and daily schedule reports in excel and pdf.
How to guide for Delay Codes


Search Feature 
The search feature offers a partial matching under both the Weekly and Daily Schedule tabs of your schedule. 

  1. screenshot_1517Input any details of a work order in the search bar. Any keywords from the description, comment, or specific work order number.
  2. Hit the enter button 
  3. This will bring forward any findings from that specific search.


The team at Sockeye continues to grow based on our customers requests. As we try to meet these requests we are updating documents to reflect these updates  with the latest date and revision for reference.


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