Supercharge Your ERP

If your schedulers and planners are using spreadsheets to schedule work orders, it’s time to supercharge your CMMS!

Most ERP and CMMS systems lack the functionality needed to optimize work order scheduling ... leaving planners to rely on spreadsheets. Never designed to ensure the right crew are assigned to the right work at the right time, spreadsheets cause havoc on equipment reliably. It’s time to address this functionality gap.

If work orders are scheduled in spreadsheets, there’s a problem!

Your ERP has delivered consistency, but no solution can anticipate every future exigency. You need to respond to the needs of the business for effective maintenance scheduling. Spreadsheets are leading to inefficient planning, dispersed data, duplication, and lack of reliable metrics. With Sockeye, you can extend your CMMS with a proven cloud solution to streamline maintenance scheduling.

Power-up maintenance scheduling


Extend your ERP with Sockeye!

Sockeye seamlessly integrates with all leading maintenance systems – including SAP, Oracle JDE, Infor EAM, IBM Maximo, and Avantis – extending your ERP/CMMS to optimize scheduling and track KPIs. It’s designed to keep data synced and current. There are no business rules to set-up, so deployment is fast. Sockeye is so easy to use, it needs almost no training, and so effective, it reduces scheduling time up to 75%.


Technical deployment is a “piece of cake” with Sockeye!

Sockeye delivers the agility you need by providing the dedicated functionality for maintenance scheduling that your ERP lacks. The Sockeye front-end is entirely web-based (with no browser plugins nor extensions required). The Sockeye back-end runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform for security you can trust. Make deployment and onboarding a synch by choosing Sockeye.

  • Leverage your existing CMMS investment
  • Simplify scheduling with a proven cloud-based solution to meet the needs of planners today
  • Integrate via Web Services (SOAP or REST APIs), OData, SAP-RFC, SQL (ADO.NET or ODBC), Secure FTP, or vendor-specific APIs
  • Keep your enterprise data secure using HTTPS via a single, easy to configure port
  • Ensure your success by working with our dedicated world-class support team
  • Minimize support and training with the simplicity of Sockeye

Ready to take the next step?

Strictly from an IT perspective, implementation was quite simple. Deployment was a piece of cake, really. Sockeye is very easy to use, now the schedule is visible to everyone and we’ve eliminated key-in time cards.”

Brian Delvecchio, IT Director
Aditya Birla Group