Increase Uptime

Operational pros need to rely on maintenance teams to optimize labor and schedule more preventive work to boost uptime.

Unplanned equipment breakdowns can cost companies millions in lost production, comprise product quality, and expose workers to safety risks. Yet, most still rely on spreadsheets to schedule the most important work workers, with the right skilled crew, at the right time to keep equipment running smoothly. There’s a better way.

Is uptime in your facility compromised by sub-optimal maintenance?

You demand reliable equipment performance, but the underlying asset management processes is often compromised by ineffective work order scheduling. Why? Most CMMS systems lack scheduling functionality, leaving planners and maintenance supervisors to rely on spreadsheets. Don’t let uptime be compromised by cut-and-paste errors, outdated data, broken formulas, and dispersed sheets.

Power-up maintenance scheduling


Increase Uptime with Sockeye!

Fortune 1000 Enterprises rely on Sockeye to optimize maintenance, reduce costs, and improve uptime. How? Sockeye unlocks the power of effective maintenance scheduling, enabling schedulers to prioritize work orders, assign the right craft, and improve schedule compliance. Adherence shrinks the backlog, reduces costs associated with reactive work by up to 20%, and boosts uptime by 1.2 to 1.8%!


Optimal facility maintenance scheduling with Sockeye boosts uptime!

Sockeye increases uptime by making better use of maintenance resources. Scheduled work is 3 times less costly and 5 times safer. With Sockeye, more preventive maintenance is done, resulting in fewer breakdowns and shorter shutdowns.

  • Optimize crew utilization to shrink the backlog and reduce overtime
  • Increase scheduling compliance by 12 to 20%
  • Get more preventive maintenance done, reducing reactive work by up to 20%
  • Benefit from fewer breakdowns and shorter shutdowns
  • Increase reliability and uptime by 1.2 to 1.8%

Ready to take the next step?

We're very cognizant and sensitive to the need to schedule 100% of every one of our technician’s time, so we can utilize that labor to try to exert as much influence as we can over the condition of our processes and equipment for optimum uptime. As compared to any other tool that I know for maintenance scheduling, I give Sockeye a 10 out of 10.”

Mike Williams, Maintenance Information and Process Lead, Cargill Protein Group