Expedite Scheduling

Schedulers and maintenance supervisors need the right tool to effectively schedule weekly and daily work orders.

Most CMMS systems lack the functionality needed to schedule maintenance ... leaving schedulers to rely on spreadsheets. But spreadsheets were never designed to assign the right crew to the right work orders at the right time to keep equipment running reliably.

Are spreadsheets to blame for ineffective maintenance scheduling?

Work orders are in your ERP/CMMS with labor availability in another system. After copying data to spreadsheets to build a schedule, you learn a mechanic is sick and operations can’t take down a machine. It’s back to the drawing board. More time is wasted. Are the  limitations of spreadsheets holding you back from optimizing workforce utilization to schedule more maintenance work?

Zero-in on time savings


Discover the Sockeye Difference!

Sockeye maps naturally to your work order scheduling process and is so effective it reduces your scheduling time by up to 75%. Sockeye seamlessly integrates all current work order and labor data needed to schedule and track maintenance work. With Sockeye, you can reduce the potential for errors and delays – saving you time and frustration.


Sockeye fits the maintenance scheduling process perfectly.

Sockeye puts work orders and labor on one page. All the data is available in real-time and organized the way you need it. Sockeye helps you control your weekly schedule, so you can control your plant.

  • Access real-time work orders and labor data together online
  • Prioritize your backlog based on work order fields using advanced filters
  • Drag-and-drop to easily create and modify schedules
  • Centrally track work completed by team and craft
  • Save 75% of your scheduling time to refocus on value-added work

Ready to take the next step?

Sockeye’s greatest advantage is ease of scheduling. With a simple drag-and- drop, you can allocate workers. What used to take me up to five days of work can be now done with Sockeye in just under an hour.”

Todd Hicks, Planning and Shutdown Superintendent, AV Group