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Sockeye Introduction:
A quick note on how to access Sockeye, change passwords and a summary of Sockeyes navigation bar.

Available Hours:
How to Update and make changes to employees and craft work schedules within specific teams.

Weekly Schedule:
The ability to generate a weekly schedule quickly and efficiently by pulling up-to-date data from your CMMS, schedule work by craft, and utilize available hours. 

Daily Schedule:
Provides the ability to create daily schedules or to assign work to specific individuals. Allows flexible updates throughout the week.

Find Task:
Added Feature
. Assist in searching for work order and or specific tasks historically or in the future.

The core details of Sockeyes setup for your scheduling purposes.

How to print or export schedules and metrics, gain access to your KPI's, and to remove filters. 

Scheduling Metrics / KPIs:
Details of the scheduling metrics available in Sockeye along with detailed formulas that the system will generate. 

Quick Reference Guide:
Provides a quick overall view of the Available Hours, Weekly Schedules and Daily Schedules of SockeyeSockeye



We at Sockeye are continuing to update these documents as we grow. Each document has the latest updated date and revision for your reference.


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