Sockeye saves you the effort of pulling the data you need to create your weekly work order plan from your CMMS and Crew Scheduling solutions. It will look like a natural extension to the business systems already in place.

Whether you are using SAP, JDE, Avantis, Oracle WAM, Maximo and virtually any CMMS, Sockeye retrieves basic elements of your work order tasks like work order number, status, crew and estimated hours by craft.

For Crew Scheduling, Sockeye retrieves elements like employee, employee trade and available hours net of planned and unplanned absence and other activities like safety meetings.

You have a number of options. Start with a simple CSV based approach or configure Sockeye’s Direct Connectors.

Direct Connectors

Sockeye ships with connectors residing inside of your firewall that READ the data from the CMMS and Crew Scheduling solutions. It only requires read access to the data.

Sockeye makes the calls to the connectors from the CLOUD via HTTPS encrypted protocol that won’t compromise your firewall. And, because we only need to read the data,

Sockeye is compatible with SAP, JDE, Avantis, Oracle WAM, Maximo and virtually any CMMS. We can work with most labor scheduling solutions as well.

Timecard Connector

Sockeye lets you leverage the data you entered to create the plan by priming employee time cards with data from the plan. Why not? You already have work orders by employee, by day.

Sockeye exposes the plan for import into your time capture solution. If you are paper based, print your timecards right from Sockeye with the planned work orders already there.

CSV Connectors

Common CMMS’s such as SAP, JDE, Avantis, Oracle WAM and Maximo provide an option to report to a file. You run the report to a CSV file or Excel and Sockeye reads the data. It’s not as elegant as the Direct Connectors but it is a nice way to try Sockeye yourself with your own data.

Have us talk with your CMMS and Crew Scheduling solution supplier.

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