10 Common Mistakes Scheduling Teams Make

Posted By Sockeye on Jun 6, 2016

Topics: Maintenance Planning & Scheduling


The scheduling process is imperative to successful maintenance management. Jobs need to completed in a satisfactory manner and enough time needs to be allocated so that the equipment maintenance can be properly handled. As the economy rebounds and the business gets busier, it can become very easy to make any of these common scheduling mistakes. 

A Severe Lack of Communication

The biggest mistake, and the most common, made by scheduling teams is a lack of communication between managers and employees. Technicians need to be made aware of every change when they are in the field which is why cloud based CMMS software has become increasingly popular.

Feedback Should be Listened To

The workers on the ground have valuable insight into how long a job will take compared to how long it has been scheduled to take. This feedback should be taken seriously and taken into account when scheduling maintenance for similar jobs.

Feedback Should be Provided

On the other hand, many field technicians do not provide the required feedback because they believe it will be dismissed. Managers should make it clear that all feedback will be taken seriously to make the process run smoother for all involved.

Not Being Clear with Technicians

A work order should contain all the necessary information for a technician to perform their job properly in the field. If the information about the job or the equipment is too vague it can result in a situation where everybody falls behind schedule.

Deadlines Should be Realistic

Managers should never impose an unrealistic deadline on team members. This will only lead to rush jobs that are not completed satisfactorily. CMMS software makes it easier to gauge a realistic deadline based on past jobs.

Always Consider Safety

When making scheduling decisions from an office, it can be very easy to forget about the safety of team members at the facility. Safety should always be the top priority and enough time should be provided for the maintenance to be completed securely.

Not Spending Time in the Field

While planning and scheduling it can be easy to forget about what life is like in the facility. Everybody responsible for scheduling should take the time to occasionally leave the office to visit the jobsites. This will give managers a better idea of the requirements of the people representing them at the site.

Resources need to be Properly Distributed

Technicians in the field need to have the proper resources to complete the tasks they have been scheduled to accomplish. If it has not been properly communicated to them what resources will be required to complete the job, everybody can quickly fall behind schedule.

Not Double Checking

The most common scheduling mistakes are made by not double checking work orders. Over booking and double booking happen constantly by overworked managers, but is caught almost immediately once the jobs are looked over a second time. Take the time to check the schedule carefully to make sure a common mistake doesn't set the entire team back.

Not Trusting the Technology

CMMS software exists to make the scheduling process easier for everybody involved, but many managers are resistant to change and will not use the technology that has helped many in the industry redefine how to handle the scheduling process. Software has come a long way to manage the scheduling process and deter many of these common scheduling mistakes from happening. While many managers are still hesitant to adopt CMMS software, it may just be what's needed to make the process smoother for all team members involved.


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